The Gliding Cub of Victoria (GCV) is the largest gliding club in Australia, attracting pilots from around the globe to experience the area’s world renowned flying conditions.

 modern single and  two-seat fleet, 4 tow planes, skilled instructors, record breaking pilots, great facilities and a friendly environment make it the ideal spot to learn how to fly.

GCV offers intensive residential and non residential 7 day gliding packages. Gift Certificates are available on-line for that special person in your life or why not just treat yourself.

What’s New?

First Shipping Container Arrives.

We’d like to advise you all that the first shipping container (Team Finland) arrived 7am November 22nd.

It’s probably full of some nice gliders!

The World Championships are coming…..

Christmas Day

There is no planned club flying operations on Christmas Day (December 25th 2016).

New Weather Forecasting Website Released

One of our members (Matt G) has been working on a new and improved website that uses the updated weather modeling software to give a more accurate prediction than RASP.  The New soaring forecasts are available from http://vicmet.gliding.asn.au/VIC

This is far more accurate than the old RASP and goes out up to 6 days in advance.

Thanks for your work Matt.

125.6 Loud and Clear!

Benalla Aerodrome has changed frequency to 125.6 MHz. Please ensure that you are using the correct (125.6MHz) frequency at Benalla.

Benalla CTAF Change

The CTAF at Benalla will CHANGE as of 26 May 2016 to 125.6 MHz

This is in line with expectations from the GFA and Air Services Australia regarding the use of private frequencies (122.5 MHz (Benalla’s current CTAF frequency) is a GFA owned frequency for glider chat as are 122.7 and 122.9) in aerodromes around Australia.  Recently Tocumwal was changed from 122.9.

The proposed frequency is not in use in any aerodromes in Victoria or Southern New South Wales.

After the designated date the “old” Benalla CTAF frequency (122.5) will be available for chat as are 122.7 and 122.9.

Please adjust your radios and processes accordingly.


John Switala

“Flying At Horsham”

Some of our pilots have recently been participating in a week of coaching and training at Horsham, Victoria. For those of you stuck at work, home or on the ground hopefully these pictures will help ease the pain of not flying.

Photos courtesy of Phil Semel & Neil Campbel

Calling All Members:

The committee has setup an Australian Sports Foundation Project to help GCV raise money to purchase a new 2 seat training aircraft (perhaps a DG1001)

For more information about the project please visit the ASF Project Page which can be found here



World Championships Countdown:


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thanks to Jutta Goldman