The Gliding Cub of Victoria is the largest gliding club in Australia, attracting pilots from around the globe to experience the area’s world renowned flying conditions.

 modern single and  two-seat fleet, 4 tow planes, skilled instructors, record breaking pilots, great facilities and a friendly environment make it the ideal spot to learn how to fly.

GCV offers intensive residential and non residential 7 day gliding packages. Gift Certificates are available on-line for that special person in your life or why not just treat yourself.

What’s New?

We’re the talk of the town, be it towns on the other side of the world. One of our members (who happens to live in England) has written an excellent article promoting GCV and Benalla as the place to fly. Click on the image below to download the article and read it for yourself.

Article:  www.sailplaneandgliding.co.uk

I can see snow from Benalla!

Two of our members took these photos of Mt Buller snow fields over the weekend of the 13th – 14th June. Ok… you got us… they may not have been in a “True” glider at the time, nevertheless…… SNOW!

MCF Takes To The Skys Again!

Our rare twin seat Pawnee VH-MCF has been seen and heard on the radio high above Benalla with what must have been smiling tow pilots! In fact, anyone who was monitoring the Benalla CTAF would have heard the familiar phrase …“Benalla Traffic, Glider Tug Pawnee, Mike-Charlie-Foxtrot Rolling Runway 26 Right Glider in Tow”…

Many thanks to the workshop (Especially Graeme and Bob) for the many hours and late nights (and most likely blood, sweat and tears) that were put into MCF’s new engine. Another thanks to Rob Pugh and Tom Martin were both seen running in the engine last week under strict instruction from Graeme.


Calling All Members:

The committee has setup an Australian Sports Foundation Project to help GCV raise money to purchase a new 2 seat training aircraft (perhaps a DG1001)

For more information about the project please visit the ASF Project Page which can be found here

The 54th Nationals (and Pre-Worlds) Website released.

The website can be found at www.ozglide.com.


GCV Hangars Freshly Painted

The Gliding Club of Victoria’s Hangars have received a fresh coat of paint and they look fantastic!

The opportunity was also used to correct the wording on the towplane hangar from “VIC” to Victoria, this helps bring the wording inline with the clubs name (Gliding Club of Victoria). Many thanks to all involved with special mentions going to, John Tribe, Fabian Gaida, Peter Martin, Peter Hokkanen and Delatite Steel.


Club Competition

Join in the GCV Club Competition.

2016 World Comps: at Benalla, probably to be held in January 2017 with aPre-Worlds competition in January 2016.

Einladung nach Benalla
GCV gewinnt “OLC League” Wettbewerb


thanks to Jutta Goldman