The committee is the management body with ultimate responsibility for the club. You can collectively email the committee or contact individuals. All ideas, comments, suggestions, gripes, feedback, etc are welcome; the more the merrier as it helps build member participation! Members are also welcome to attend Committee meetings.

Each committee member has an area of primary responsibility (their portfolio); their job is to develop plans for that area and make the plan happen, as well as ensuring problems in their area get sorted out.

Position Incumbent Portfolios
Jonathan McAliece – Both Jonathan’s father and grandfather were glider pilots, meaning that he was destined to join the club as gliding is in his blood. Joining the club in 2006 Jonathan trained on the IS28B gliders and was a keen member who became a regular face at the club. Soon enough he became a gliding instructor and a few years later joined the tow pilot roster to become an all rounder.  

Tim Shirley
Living only 3 minutes away from the gliding club, Tim is a well known member, especially in the competition scene. Tim has filled the role of Competition Director for countless competitions held at Benalla and throughout Australia.Tim brings years of experience to the GCV Committee and is very keen to help club modernize and stay at the top.
Zero Partos  – Involved in the operations and management of the club, Zero is able to bring a wealth of knowledge to each role. A keen tow pilot and Committee member who participates on the flying roster ensuring members get launched into the sky. Zero strives to keep the club’s Committee of Management running as efficiently as possible while improving its governance.



Tom Lambert – Tom joined the club in January 2012 after his father encouraged him to go solo in a glider. This then spurred Tom along to become a gliding instructor and eventually his private pilots license so he could fly tow planes.
Member Matt Woodhouse– Moving to Australia from the United Kingdom, probably chasing better gliding conditions Matt wants the strengthen the club. Flying a Hornet glider and doing some impressive flights, Matt definitely has his work cut out for him.  


Dave Shackleford – A short description about Dave will be uploaded in the near future, until then you will just have to ask Tim yourself.  
Member Rob Pugh –  Rob first joined GCV in the late 1970’s and is the 2015 /2016 Operations Manager. Rob is the Technical Director (liaison with the workshop) and also the assistant Tugmaser and a gliding instructor.  
Member Rob Brown – Rob is a keen instructor and a guy “who gets it done”. When Rob is not instructing or flying his own aircraft he can often be found fixing a wide variety of club assets, equipment and tractors. Rob joined the club in the year 2000 and has a vast background in further education.  
Member Vacant – This position is currently vacant and will remain so until the 2017 AGM on November 11th  


  • The Committee usually meets on the third Wednesday of each month except January.
  • Meetings start at 06.30pm and are usually held at 285 Drummond Street, Carlton.
  • Members are welcome to attend but please email the secretary to let them know you are coming or in case there is a change of venue.
  • The chairman reserves the right to ask members to leave if an agenda item dictates; members do not have an automatic right to participate in the proceedings.
  • The Annual General Meeting is normally held in November at Benalla.
  • The minutes of Committee meetings are stored in the Members Only area here as well as being posted on the noticeboard at Benalla.