ASF Fleet Expansion

GCV Fleet Expansion

An Australian Sports Foundation Project

At its February meeting the Committee decided that it would register its GCV Fleet Expansion project with Australian Sports Foundation, (ASF), approval was given on 19th March and all documentation was completed by 30th March. The ASF project number is 000241.

What is the project?
The project is to add a high performance, two-seater, training/coaching glider to GCV’s fleet by mid-2017. The exact glider is not yet decided but a DG1001 has been mentioned. Configuration not decided. A fully fitted out trailer is seen as a must. A project cost of $150,000 is being used for budgeting/planning.
How will the project be funded?
The current funding model being used is:

ASF donations $50,000

GFA loan $50,000

GCV reserves $50,000

What is the ASF?

The ASF has been set up by the Federal Government to encourage the development of sport in Australia by the ASF encouraging philanthropy towards sport by providing the means for tax advantaged donations to sporting projects. See the website: .
How do I make a donation?
There are two ways you can make a donation:

1. Fill in the attached form and send it to Rhonda along with your donation. Cheques to be made out to the Australian Sports Foundation.

2. Go to our project’s ASF website and make the donation on line.

How is the project being managed?

The Committee has approved following project team:

Richard Robinson Coordinator

Peter Carey Finance, administration promotion.

Rhonda Gelletly Administration

Jono McAliece Fundraising initiatives and website promotion

Robin Rose Representative of the Instructor panel & social media promotion.

Tobi Gieger Representative of coaching

Tim Shirley Representative of coaching

Why should I donate?

Only you can answer this question, but an early lead donor has used the words:
“This donation is in recognition of all the fine work that has been done by past and current GCV members to build the organisation and infrastructure that allowed me just a few years ago to develop the skills and be given the privilege of soaring with eagles, frolicking among the clouds, seeing the world from a completely different perspective, experiencing the agony of dying lift and the ecstasy of scraping away and making it home. Thank you and may ASF project 000241 be successful and contribute to future soaring dreamers realising their dreams.”